Natalie’s Testimonials


Our apraxic daughter overcame several hurdles in her speech development thanks to Natalie’s expertise and creative approach. When our child became frustrated, Natalie found ways to regain her interest. When our child was distracted, Natalie never lost her patience. Natalie treats the whole child which is critical to success. Mom to O.


I recommend Natalie’s services as a speech therapist wholeheartedly. When Natalie started working with my son he was almost two years old and not yet using two-word phrases. (Our family previously worked with a therapist that helped expand my son’s vocabulary, but we didn’t have any progress on two word phrases over the course of several months before we started working with Natalie.) Natalie clicked with my son and understood his needs very quickly – within 1 or 2 sessions. She was able to motivate my son with a different activities and varying the pace of the sessions as needed. My husband and I saw progress right away with my son’s vocabulary and word combinations. Later, Natalie also worked on longer sentences, tenses and pronunciation with us. In the year or so that Natalie worked with my family, my son made so much progress that he didn’t need speech therapy anymore. (I also appreciate that Natalie’s integrity in assuring us that we did not need additional services even though we would have been happy to continue working with her.) Now, four months after our last session with Natalie, my son is talking up a storm and I am no longer worried about his speech (well, maybe just a little, because I am a worrier by nature). In a nutshell, we were extremely pleased with the work Natalie did with our son and think you would be, too. Brooklyn mom of 3 year-old


Natalie has a way with children that creates a bond that furthers/fosters big strides in speech. My son adores her, he is always excited and willing to go to his sessions. Jack has made more progress over the summer than he did in speech therapy in public school for pre-K. We are so grateful we found Natalie thru another 3’s program, and we were thrilled to be able to re-unite them for the summer.  Mom to Jack (age 5)


We were very lucky to have Natalie work with my daughter for a year, starting when she was 16 months old.  At that point, she had a very limited vocabulary, was not responding consistently to her name or using names for all of our immediate family members. We were unsure whether her expressive speech was delayed or whether she was having difficulty understanding language as well. Natalie quickly gained her trust and kept our sessions both fun and highly productive. My daughter was always excited when she knew Natalie would be coming over. Natalie is extremely patient and very energetic and playful. My daughter made steady progress and then her speech really began to take off as both willingness/ability to imitate more sounds and create several word phrases increased.  Natalie ensured along the way that we, as parents, had tools to help reinforce and encourage my daughter’s speech development. We are so pleased with the progress my daughter has made and how her language has taken off. I wholeheartedly recommend Natalie for speech therapy services.  Danielle  (mom to S)


My son Jake was lucky enough to work with Natalie for three years.  Natalie is fantastic. She did not waste anytime getting right to work! From day one, Natalie’s sessions were intense and she was able to get him to focus and make sounds. Jake was always excited to see her and she made his sessions fun by incorporating things that Jake enjoys into the session.  Natalie was always on time and very professional.  She is extremely good at what she does and it is obvious that she loves her job. Amy P. (mom to Jake)