Rosanna’s Testimonials


We have been thrilled with the progress our 2 year old has made in only 6 months under the support and guidance of Rosanna at Small Steps, Big Leaps!  Rosanna patiently worked to create a personalized program for our daughter, to build both her physical strength, balance, muscle tone and most importantly, her confidence.  Our daughter loved going to physical therapy because Rosanna was so kind but also made it challenging and Fun.  The gym is outfitted with so much amazing equipment and games, that every session held a new surprise!  So excited for our daughter to start school in the fall now that we are confident she can keep up with her peers.  Thank you Rosanna!  –  Katie Small, Park Slope, Brooklyn


I wholeheartedly recommend Rosanna for PT services. Though the interventions our daughter needed were subtle, the changes we saw after meeting with Rosanna were dramatic! In addition to her engaging and lovely manner while working with our daughter, Rosanna was able to make us parents feel comfortable, involved, and effective.  She is sensitive to the needs of everyone in the family and the importance of this cannot be overstated.  We remain thankful to her.  -The Von Hollweg Family, (Mom and Dad to a 17 month old)


My daughter, Maya, was treated by Rosanna for torticollis. Rosanna was kind, patient and knowledgable. She made Maya feel comfortable and helped her achieve our goals in a short period of time. As a pediatric occupational therapist it was important for me to find a PT who not only understands how to treat the diagnosis but how to work with a baby and get the most of out of the half hour sessions. I learned a lot, especially how to help Maya at home and while I was happy we made tremendous progress, I was sad to say bye since we had so much fun. From an administrative perspective, Rosanna was organized, professional, and very clear about fees, payment methods and made it all very easy. Thank you, Rosanna, for teaching us so much and for being such a wonderful therapist!   –Mom to Maya, 5.5 months old


Rosanna worked with our son for two years.  From the beginning, Rosanna worked hard to accommodate our schedule and discuss our concerns at length.   She genuinely wanted to get to know our son before she began.  Before we started at SSBL, our son dreaded physically challenging activities and avoided them when he could.  His confidence was low and he rarely took risks.  But Rosanna changed all that.  She made exercise fun for him by using activities that appealed to our son’s interests  He went from avoiding exercise to looking forward to seeing her every week.  Our son grew to LOVE Physical Therapy and exercise, which motivated him to try new sports such as gymnastics and karate and pushed him to improve his gross motor skills. Rosanna takes the time after every session to give you a detailed report and shows you how to complete activities at home. Rosanna was also an amazing advocate when working with the DOE and attended our IEP meeting, helping to secure our son the services he needed.  We are proud to say that with Rosanna’s help and support, our son has made tremendous strides over the last two years. Our family is very appreciative of everything she has done for us.  While our son is proud that he has graduated, he misses his sessions at SSBL.  We wholeheartedly recommend Rosanna and SSBL for services for your child.  – Sharon Daiello


We are so grateful that our three-year-old son was able to come to SSBL for physical therapy. Rosanna is incredibly patient, caring, and smart. With her attention to detail and creativity, she was able to address my son’s needs through effective and engaging activities that made him excited about coming to the gym. We are very pleased with the progress my son made during his time at SSBL, as well as the confidence he gained in his own abilities.  The sensory gym itself is bright, inviting, spacious, and very well-kept. The equipment has been thoughtfully selected, and I believe the calm and orderly environment helps set kids up for success by keeping distractions to a minimum.


Rosanna worked with our daughter for almost two full years (ages 3-5). Our initial evaluation and concerns showed that our daughter had emotional regulatory issues connected to poor proprioception, difficulty with motor planning, low muscle tone, and extreme tightness at her joints. She also showed both some sensory sensitivity and sensory seeking behaviors. In short, a bright and sensitive kid prone to extreme tantrums and rigid behaviors. Rosanna was a great fit with our daughter. She is a grounded and loving therapist. She had an ability to get inside our daughter’s experience and then challenge her to test herself in a totally fun way. Frankly, the rest of the family was jealous of the awesome obstacle courses that they built together! I had so much appreciation for how Rosanna thought about my daughter between sessions and was both able to both utilize her expertise as well as always trying to grow in her professional knowledge by trying new interventions with her. We feel really lucky to have had her input so early and so successfully in our daughter’s development and can wholeheartedly recommend her!   Lisa, mom to T


Rosanna is beyond conscientious and has an intuitive way with my daughter.  With her guidance my child developed new skills and confidence.  She always has thoughtful ideas for how I can reinforce the work at home.  – Liz Edmund


Our experience here has been life changing.  We’ve seen our son gain confidence and he is so proud of the progress he makes.  Marta and Rosanna have been so supportive and easy to talk to.  We highly recommend them.


Rosanna has been working with our son, Benjamin for the past 3 years. During this time, she has given us tremendous support and has been an advocate to continue his PT services. She was an active voice at our Board of Ed. mediation and each IEP meeting. As physical therapists ourselves, we appreciate all the detailed thought she puts into each session with Ben to maximize his treatment. She keeps her skills current by attending continuing education courses and has the ability to apply what she has learned immediately. Rosanna consistently challenges him, in the most creative, caring and professional manner. She always ensures the best possible outcome from her treatments. We can wholeheartedly recommend her as a fantastic Physical Therapist.   Cori Ehrenberg, PT (and Mom) and Stuart Ehrenberg, MSPT (and Dad)


What really distinguished our experience at Small Steps Big Leaps from other gyms and therapists with whom we’d worked, aside from the beautiful physical space, was that everyone seemed so willing to invest time, energy, and expertise into figuring out what would be best for my child, even outside their own discipline.  The amount of time everyone put in to talking about his needs, consulting about school settings, etc., was really amazing to me, so very appreciated, and totally different from everyone else we’d worked with.  In addition, I was so grateful for how his therapists, Rosanna and Marta, spoke to him — they spoke to him with a respect and honor that is strangely hard to find, and seemed to genuinely delight in his silliness, quirkiness, and just who he *is.*  As a mother, this makes a huge difference.  He is willing to play with any grown up who wants to play with him, but *i* prefer he plays with grown ups who accept and appreciate him.    E.M.


My baby was four months old when she was diagnosed with Torticollis. This caused her to be delayed in many ways.  I was very thankful that Rosanna was able to give me some of her time. My daughter cooperated nicely and after just a short while I saw great results.  I recommend Rosanna as a PT very highly.  She is very child friendly, pleasant, and dedicated.  She really knows what she is doing.  She has that magic touch! S.K.


Rosanna Lee was my son’s PT for years.  Not only was she an amazing therapist, who helped my son’s physical abilities improve, but also helped him become confident in himself.  He loved going to PT every week.   In short, she’s a lifechanger.  Gina


My son’s therapist was a pleasure to work with. She really listened to our concerns and did great work with him. Thank you!


I HIGHLY recommend Marta and Rosanna for OT and PT.  They are so caring, reliable and successful at getting results.  My daughter saw both of them for two years and we are so proud and pleased with the progress that she made.  They not only get results but they care. SSBL is not like other centers where you are in and out.  Marta and Rosanna take the time to communicate with parents so it can be a team effort.  They promptly respond to calls, emails and even texts and are always willing take time out of their busy schedules to come to meetings at schools, etc. to meet with teachers and the whole team.  I cannot say enough good things about Marta and Rosanna.          –  Alli W.